A Lifetime opportunity of becoming a Registered Scrum Master™ (RSM) and/or a Registered Product Owner™ (RPO) at King Graduate School

With over 12 million users around the world, Scrum is the most popular Agile framework in business. As a Registered Scrum Master™(RSM),  you’ll not only understand how to increase a team’s performance — you’ll learn how to increase their overall happiness. And in the process, you’ll increase your own as well: you’ll open the door to even greater leadership opportunities, and have the tools to stay relevant in today’s competitive job market. 
You can take the RSM course on its own — with all the benefits that go along with it — or choose to go even further to become a Registered Product Owner™ (RPO). As an RPO, you’ll be able to effectively manage the product backlog on any project, working closely with the Scrum Master to ensure maximum value for your organization. 
Important Course Information: 
Both courses will be taught by Prof. Hana Siddiquee, an innovator, pioneer, graduate program developer, and Registered Scrum Trainer (RST) who has been trained directly by Dr. Jeff Sutherland and his core team at Agile Education by Scrum Inc. Prof. Siddiquee was among the only eight (8) invited participants for the RST program.
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Contact: Jessy Ortiz-Dice
Director, Special Enrollment Initiatives